About Us

Sunny Day Organics is owned by two young people – Laura and Kristjan. The idea for this organic company was born when we were struggling to find pure food on our table. There were thousands of products we were interested in purchasing and there was no good way to make sure that the sellers provided us with the highest quality, organic products.

The best solution was to look for the roots and contact the people actually growing organic food. We were successful and our first product is Ground Vanilla Bean that we can absolutely assure through thorough research, that it’s 100% organically grown. We’re excited to use this pure food in our kitchen every day.

Our company is young, not even a year old at this moment and our Ground Vanilla Bean is just the start of it.

We make sure that our products are organic and gluten-free. We both have gluten-sensitivity which makes it really important aspect as we consume the stuff we provide for You.

Health is everything we have. Let’s make it count, eat pure, real food and give our children the best nourishment available!

Maris Sits 2014 Laura ja Kristjan (38)